Girls Garage

Girls Garage inspires girls to bring their audacious ideas to life and to thrive, now and in the future. We support girl power and were thrilled to help them design, build, dream, and work in a space of our own.

Maria Torres
Sales Support Supervisor
Emily Pilloton, CEO/Founder, hooked us immediately. She believes that by giving youth, particularly girls and students of color, the skills to design and build their wildest ideas, we can support the next generation of creative, confident changemakers. We totally agree.
We share the same love of space and belief in space, and also a commitment to people and the human experience. The way that One Workplace helped us design the space has helped us live what we believe. Anyone can fill a space with furniture, but it's rare to find a partner that can think with you about space as a part of a story. Emily Pilloton, CEO/Founder

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