LinkedIn Mountain View

LinkedIn Design and NBBJ designed this HQ Campus building in 2019, construction started, COVID put the project on hold. Employee needs and expectations evolved, enter hybrid work styles. The space needed to be more comfortable, flexible and empathetic. The focus shifted to employee experience.

Angela Thomas
Account Executive
For a great workplace experience, we believe that we need to understand the needs of both individuals AND teams. That's why we offer a variety of workpoints that can be arranged to suit the task at hand. Whether you need a quiet corner for concentration or a more social area for team collaboration, you can find the perfect spot for your needs. Lisa Britz, Linkedin Director of Workplace Design
Individual desk spaces were replaced with a range of solo and collaborative workspaces, fully private rooms to nooks along hallways to coworking spaces to conference rooms that could open or close themselves completely. Robert Norwood, NBBJ, says the initial design called for 1,080 desks. The redesign slashed that nearly in half.
There are conference rooms inspired by living rooms, “deep focus” zones where workers can disappear from sight, and coworking areas where people can work alongside people from outside their immediate teams—and near two buzzy cafés on site. Nate Berg, Fast Company

Photography by NBBJ

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