Montage Health - Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health

In the belief that emotionally healthy children can take on the world, Montage Health built their new Ohana campus to create a place filled with the sense of soaring possibilities. Collaborating with NBBJ design and research fellows, the 55K square foot building and surrounding open spaces provide residential rooms, classes, activities, therapy, and resources for youth and their families.

Mark Schmidt
Healthcare Studio Designer
Choice and control was designed in for both patients and staff. Working closely with the project team, our Monterey Bay office provided ancillary furniture for indoor and outdoor public spaces, and workplace furniture in similar deign and finishes for back of house providers' offices, nurses' stations, staff workrooms and meeting spaces.
Ohana ("extended family") Center designed based on neuroscience research, offers views of nature, open spaces to promote patients' sense of safety enabling observations of environments while feeling protected, soft, rounded edges and natural materials/finishes in architecture and furniture, gardens for therapy and yoga, and specific staff spaces such as private balconies for caregivers' respite.
The welcome and informal design is an attempt to change perceptions about mental health issues for patients and their families. The intention of the Ohana Center donor was to use the campus to focus on the patient and their family, and also fortify connections to community at a time that can feel socially isolating.

Photography by Ty Cole and NBBJ

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