Ohlone College

Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Science and Technology offers innovative teaching and learning environments and it gives faculty, students and staff the tools to keep evolving the learning process. Design partner Perkins + Will delivered spaces, OWP filled them.

Lisa Ronco
A college’s purpose isn’t just to distribute content. Our purpose is to develop knowledge workers. Once you look at it that way, then you shift the paradigm. You start asking, what kinds of environments are conducive to learning and discussion? Then you start thinking about the built environment. Douglas Treadway, PhD
Supporting learning environments design encourages OWP designers to continue to learn and grow.
They changed from a teacher-focus to a learning-focus, and an emphasis on team learning. In most working situations, people work on a team. That’s what employers are looking for today. Karen Cribbins-Kuklin, Project Architect