One Workplace Washington: Rethinking What's Next

How people work will never go back to the way it was. Physical environments must play a new role to accommodate new work styles. And this requires moving beyond product stories to space solutions.

Carole Kassir-Garcia
Director of Design, CID, IIDA
Todays challenge is unique: how do we help our clients strategically activate their space in the most economically effective way possible? Beyond settings and environments, our showroom demonstrates how were thinking about new ways of working and using lived experience and thought leadership to tell that story.
Our challenge is shifting from only designing new environments to strategically balancing the design of new and redeploying existing spaces - so work environments are more efficient, connected, and as economically effective as possible.
Reimagining how existing environments can evolve to bring people and technology together productively is key. Well continue to share how our evolving solutions (Ph 2 and Ph 3) might support your emerging employee and business needs.

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