When opening offices across the world, having a partner who knows your standards as well as you do is a gift. And the global Steelcase dealer network helps too.

Gwen Van Der Wal
Senior Project Manager
I’ve partnered with our Prologis customer, Monica Morgan, on 30 projects across the US since 2014; we work hand in hand. As a regular project participant, I have the history of them all in my head, and I know the answers. We were on the phone the other day she said "I actually think you're my co worker, I forget you work for OWP"!
We've built finely tuned Prologis project process binders, outlining the "how-tos" down to wire management details. And I log calendar reminders for their European closures to make sure all the projects keep moving.
When Prologis opens locations across the country, Gwen guides the project teams to meet company standards in a way that best serves each location. She a nut for details.