Prologis El Segundo

Prologis, the world's leading industrial real estate logistics company, builds offices across the world to support their people, customers and business. RMW architecture and interiors and One Workplace collaborate as a well oiled project team to design and outfit all US locations using global standards modified to celebrate local market cultures and local team needs.

Alice Lee
Account Manager
Our team has been working with Prologis since 2015 and after more than 20 locations we've got delivering new offices down to a science. We manage "flexible standards" and catalog the specific design and materials used in each location to ensure everything runs smoothly. Alice Lee, Account Manager
Prologis El Segundo, near to Los Angeles International Airport, is a high traffic office in a Southern California climate. RMW leveraged the buildings light, and access to nature outside and inside. Wellbeing of employees and a strong commitment to sustainability are critical to Prologis.
Displays, dashboards, meeting rooms and video conferencing are tools that support Prologis business. The workplace design integrates spaces and technology in handsome, user friendly ways to meet every requirement.

Photography by Chad Davies; Design