Rally Health Minneapolis

Rally Health guides you through every step of your health care journey, helping you understand benefits, find the right care, and meet your individual goals. Our team supports Rally across the country to provide beautiful, functional spaces that encourage employee engagement, respite and even play. The new Minneapolis office is a great example.

Andrea Harries
Account Manager
We've got a roof deck and we're going to use it...every day the sun is shining in Minneapolis. We know how important access to fresh air is to health and wellbeing.
The DLR Group designers, Kimble Co project management and One Workplace project team collaborated to bring Rally's vision to reality. Local makers designed custom pieces to bring Minnesota inside. The space works, it inspires innovation, and makes people feel good.
Innovation, recreation and rejuvenation are equally important to Rally Health, and DLR Group considered every single detail. Our team sourced the best solutions to support them, including the largest arcade game I've ever seen. Eileen Sheppard, OWP Project Designer

photography by Farm Kid Studios

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