Siskiyou County Court

The new Siskiyou County Courthouse communicates transparency, community, accessibility and security. EHDD designed and delivered the perfect architecture and finishes with furniture selections from our Sacramento team.

Patrick McGiff
Account Executive
The three story structure houses 5 courtrooms, judges circulation areas, jury assembly and deliberation spaces, a judges law library, open and enclosed workspaces for staff, a Family Law Facilitator office area and over 100 security cameras throughout.
Courtrooms share a natural and sophisticated palette to reflect nature and the local landscape, and three include natural lighting. Calendar monitors outside the doors offer immediate access to the day's proceedings, and behind each courtroom are holding cells, interview, and witness room to support it.
The natural lighting and materials start in the spacious lobby and extend to the seven interior clerk windows
Ample space was designed to support the courthouse staff, including height adjustable desks, training and conference rooms and an exterior courtyard break area.

Photography by Jeff Amram