Social game developer Zynga connects the world through games. When they needed to renovate their SF Corporate Headquarters for a step up in design, they trusted the San Francisco AECOM Interiors team led by Lisa Bottom to interpret their creative needs. And AECOM trusted One Workplace to refurbish and replace furnishings to help refresh the space. Fun was had by all.

Donna Hansen-Sharp
Account Executive
Thirteen year old Zynga's brand is strong, its logo and primary color palette build statements throughout the space.
Hugely successful Zynga games are referenced with film transparencies and curated material selections.
A subtle entrance to the legal group demonstrates how architectural elements, furnishings and decor provide wayfinding through the space.
Reminders that San Francisco is corporate headquarters show up outside conference rooms, while interiors are devoted to work and play.

2020 AECOM/Photography by Robb Williamson

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