Alector’s mission: to develop therapies that empower the immune system to cure neurodegeneration. Their new So San Francisco HQ was designed to be an active participant in achieving that goal; brought to reality by a dream team from DGA, CBRE, Hathaway Dinwiddie and One Workplace.

Andy Anzar
Account Manager
Stairs near floor to ceiling window walls, are the connective tissue bringing inside and outside environments together, their form designed to allude to ships on SF Bay with structure mimicking a vessel’s ribs and built from reclaimed wood pilings used in the original Transbay Terminal. Therese Hazelroth, Principal, DGA
Transparency and cooperation are core company values so there’s a continuous use of glass walls and open collaboration environs. Embracing the employee’s diverse backgrounds and working styles meant the office needed to be flexible and represent a variety of needs.
One design concept revolves around the creation of “WE” spaces, which are unobstructed and encourage collaboration, and “ME” spaces, which are quieter to stimulate focus driven work. Nicole Carnathan, DGA
The use of light, color, texture, materials and architecture built the perfect workplace to support collaboration, reinforce connection, foster innovation and represent the unique Alector culture of diversity, flexibility, science and professionalism.

Rien Van Rijthoven Architectural Photography

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