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Architectural Solutions

Built for today. Prepared for tomorrow. Adaptable interior construction solutions give you the freedom and flexibility to improve productivity and collaboration today – with plenty of room to grow and change for tomorrow.

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At One Workplace, our Architectural Solutions provide more than physical innovation. They improve the building process from first idea through day two and beyond.

Interior Construction

Design a variety of spaces that can be arranged on demand for acoustic privacy and neighborhood creation with prefab assemblies and modular construction for fast and easy planning, installation, and reconfiguration.

Meeting Pods

From private meetings to heads-down individual focus work, meeting pods deliver high-quality modular meeting pods deliver privacy wherever you need it.

Phone Booths

Standalone phone booths are easy to install, just as easy to move, and they’re built with high-quality soundproofing for privacy and comfort.

Orangebox Meeting Rooms

Perfect as freestanding rooms or private spaces, these pods are made with clear tempered glass, soft acoustic paneling for a refined aesthetic and a high level of insulation and speech privacy. They also feature lighting and fans integrated into patented louvered ceiling.

Interior Facades & Acoustic Solutions

Divide and define your environment with façades and lighting solutions to add privacy and the right amount of texture and creativity. Soft architecture features such as acoustic wall treatments, baffle ceilings, space dividers, and integrated lighting, allow us to design and build functional separation within your space.

Raised Floors

Embrace ultimate flexibility with raised floor systems and modular power systems that adapt to changing technology. Our solutions make cable management easy with less time, less cost, and fewer headaches.


What does One Workplace Architectural Solutions deliver for you? Less time. More results. The buildout you want. The partner you deserve.

A Design Partner

Complete Design Assist

We help define goals, produce schematic designs, and develop preliminary schedules and budgets. We’ll also work directly with your team and outside contractors to help develop designs, coordinate different trades, and oversee the entire process.

Early Collaboration

We understand full workplace design intent. And we know how to build to meet your unique vision. We integrate early with general contractors and architects to listen, understand, and plan a seamless delivery

Quality, Speed, Cost Certainty

Shorter Schedules

Save time by using prefab manufactured offsite, reducing the amount of trades on site.

Budget Effectiveness

Spend your money on what matters, less on labor fees allow you to allocate $ towards better materials.

Greater Efficiency

Integrating interior construction from day one makes everything easier. No surprises, missed deadlines, or setbacks.

Increased Flexibility

Build a workplace that adapts and changes over time as your business grows over time.

Industry-Leading Technology

We use prefab construction technology and industry leading software to generate your design, your pricing, and manage your budget and project scope.

Our team of architects, designers, project managers and contractors work every day to build out new and update existing spaces. We'd love to help you build a better space.

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