Chelan PUD Service Center Campus

It was inspiring to work with TCF Architecture, Absher, and Chelan PUD on this amazing eight building campus. Design was employee driven and Chelan PUD made sure each team had a voice in the space where they will work.

Britney Hedriana
Interior Designer
The client was looking for this new space to welcome current staff while also attracting new employees. A café space, with bright art and a custom waterfall table, invites staff to take a break and have casual conversation. Chelan PUD worked carefully within their budget to create a space that will feel fresh and inviting for many years.
The client had an eye for detail, wanting the building and the furniture to work together. OpenSquare worked meticulously with TCF Architecture to make sure every detail of the furnishings called back to the design of the building.
Key to success was creating spaces that were specifically designed to the needs of each department. Over a year of programming went into developing spaces to fit department needs for storage, collaboration and individual work. Every space was custom designed by the employees of the department working in that area.

Photos by Sozinho Imagery

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