Sacred Heart Atherton

Sacred Heart Atherton honored its traditional roots and embraced 21st century technologies and pedagogies in the renovation and expansion of the campus. WRNS design with interiors by One Workplace Learning Environments provide stimulation and support to new styles of learning.

Lori Darrah Jones
Account Manager
The modern, specialized facility provides environments to build success for the best and brightest students and faculty. Non-traditional learning zones let the introverted student choose a cubby and the extroverted student chill in the common area
Flexible furniture, colorful paint and careful construction decisions contribute to classrooms that can be tailored, specialized, agnostic and also meet the critical project budget.
Art, music and dance studios, and the photography lab deliver the needed equipment and space to support student efforts and achievements.
The link between neurological and physiological activity means students who move and are more active in the classroom learn better, so classrooms provide the necessary flexibility.

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