F5 Networks

F5 Networks relocated into a newly constructed F5 Tower. OpenSquare performed all design, specification, as well as ordering and installation, of all ancillary items in the new tower, installed on over 25 floors over the course of 9 months.

Vanessa Rice
Health+Wellness Environments, Account Executive
Conference waiting rooms create casual space for the meeting before the meeting.
The Customer Engagement Center on the 48th floor of the tower combined a beautiful view, event space, conference rooms and lounge space.
Open cafes with a coffee shop feel (and a coffee shop) enable employees to come together for work, for refreshment and for wellbeing.
Existing ancillary furniture was blended into the design across multiple spaces.
F5 Networks is passionate about employee wellbeing, and this mother’s room is secluded, quiet, and comfortable for taking a private moment.

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