Farella Braun + Martel LLP

When Farella Braun + Martel LLP moved to an iconic San Francisco building, downsized their footprint to 60K sq ft and put the majority of their space on a free address system, they counted on Interior Architects (IA) and our One Workplace team to meet the design, schedule and budget requirements.

Max Sharbach
Account Executive
With sustainability a key driver, the project deployed a regnerative furniture blending approach, reusing existing furniture wherever possible, supplementing with new pieces as needed. The clean modern lines and views in One Bush (first glass curtain wall tower in SF) drove an orderly and open design. And with all the firm partners, associates and legal assistants working in a free address environment, the options for space types to support individual, team and collaborative work are varied and an advanced reservation/presence system from Maptician was deployed.
For Farella Braun staff, varied saize private offices are available for individuals and teams collaborating on cases. Huddle rooms, designated client areas and lounge areas offer the comfort, community spaces, and social engagement expected.
Light wood desk tops and table tops in offices and training rooms match the interior finishes and look deceptively simple, until you know the height adjustable bases and folding table mechanisms were all reused. Our team worked with mulitple vendors to specify new matching tops, and rebuild pieces with all the electrical and cabling required. Jennifer Guajardo, One Workplace designer
Overall, the ambiance is airy, spacious, and casual yet refined and purposeful. In contrast to focus areas, common spaces with residential touches in lighting and soft seating are a welcoming counterpoint, supporting the firm’s culture of inclusivity and sense of family. Tiffany Scharf LEED AP, Northern California Studio Design Director

Images by Garry Belinsky Photography

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