Horsley Bridge Partners

Horsely Bridge Partners represents highly successful and enduring relationships with global clients, investment partners and peers. Their San Francisco office designed by Hunstsman reflects similar integrity and attention to detail. From custom collaboration display enclosures, speaker mounts and sound masking, our Technology team added functional touches to empower local and global collaboration.

Jeffrie Jerome
Senior Technology Account Executive
Integrating cutting edge technology with high end classic finishes and design details was the challenge and the project team immediately flexed our collective collaboration expertise. Working in alignment with Horsley Bridge staff, Huntsman, GCI, CBRE, ESD Global, and our colleagues at Two, specific technology and design requirements were defined for creating a welcoming environment in this historic SF building.
Consistent sound management across a broad spectrum of spaces is critical to high functioning interiors. Turning a coffered wood ceiling into one continuous speaker through transducer technology solved for that, allowing for ambient sound, privacy where needed and spectacular light fixtures.
Contemporary and historical, curves and angles, wood, glass and brick surfaces all support wireless and touchless technology, invisible audio, and streamlined collaboration. People tracking cameras, sound bars, microphones and speakers are positioned to effortlessly empower the user. Music, sound privacy and safety communications are shared throughout open and enclosed spaces as needed.
Coordinating technology solutions to successfully coexist with the Huntsman design, amindst the GCI construction details and integrated into all the furniture by Two was almost as rewarding as the client's appreciation of the completed project.

Photography by Garrett Rowland

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